Pentesting: an essential part of your cyber security roadmap1 min read


Considering the constantly changing landscape of technology and cyber threats, it is no wonder that it can feel impossible keep your organisation’s cyber security strong. However, it is proving crucial, as many critical data breaches, which cost organisations time, money and customer trust, are easily preventable.

The first step to preventing cyber attacks is to discover your vulnerabilities by conducting a risk assessment. This is where penetration testing, or pentesting, is really useful – conducting an in-depth evaluation of your systems, actively looking for weak points, empowers you to make necessary security changes within your organisation.

However, this is a temporary mitigation strategy, as most organisations only conduct pentests infrequently, which does not account for any changes made to your infrastructure or systems throughout the year. Cyber security requires consistent monitoring, allowing organisations to update and tweak their defence against hackers, and manage their overall risk.

Pentesting, contrary to popular belief, does not have to be overly expensive and time-consuming. Using automated software solutions, such as CyCheck, can be an easy way to identify, analyse relevant risk data and manage overall cyber security.

It is worth investing in consistent pentesting to prevent costly breaches down the line. Today the consequences of a cyber attack can be brutal: on top of customer mistrust, organisations are subjected to fines and potential lawsuits. For example, Dixons Carphone was recently fined £500,000 for a data breach of personal customer information, following a similar data breach within their subsidiary Carphone Warehouse in 2015.

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