Due to the increasing number of applications carrying sensitive information about companies and their customers, cyber attacks are becoming a norm. Vulnerabilities within web applications, unpatched software, configuration weaknesses and software vulnerabilities pose a significant threat to network security. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that systems are protected against threats, and penetration testing does exactly that.  For most organisations penetration testing is important, however, there are often misconceptions that manual penetration testing, ASV PCI scanning and firewall and other forms of external defence will also do the work of keeping the systems safe.


Regular vulnerability scanning provides consistent visibility of your vulnerability landscape and allows you to be a step ahead of hackers. CyCheck, a best-in-class SaaS web application and infrastructure scanning platform with the capability to carry out regular scans to identify vulnerabilities which could lead to significant risks. Once the assessment is complete, CyCheck provides easy-to-follow steps to reduce the risk. It provides a proactive, rather than reactive approach to security.


  • Proactive approach to vulnerability testing
  • Identifies all vulnerabilities in less time
  • Ongoing visibility of all vulnerabilities
  • Cost effective
  • Eliminates false positives
  • Stay ahead of hackers


CyCheck Features

Intelligent Discovery

The CyCheck scanner has two integrated crawling technologies that enable accurate component discovery (crawling) even in JavaScript- and Flash-rich applications. The HTTP/HTML based crawler identifies hidden components through forced browsing. The second engine provides full visibility of embedded scripts or components by executing web pages in the same way a normal browser would.

Sophisticated Assessment Techniques

The CyCheck scanner was designed in cooperation with the leading penetration testers to maximise detection accuracy and minimise false positives.

Advanced, platform agnostic fuzzing technology

The CyCheck scanner incorporates dynamic fuzzing technology whereby arbitrary protocol structures treated blindly by other scanners as opaque single inputs are broken down accurately into their true and deeper attack surface.

Eliminate False Positives through Vulnerability Exploitation

The CyCheck scanner provides techniques to confirm discovered vulnerabilities and to eliminate false positives.

Workflow Management

The CyCheck scanner allows to create unlimited user accounts and to prioritise each vulnerability’s remediation to assigned team members.

Hosting Environment

The CyCheck scanner provides vulnerability assessments and analysis against remote hosts to determine if a misconfiguration exists that could enable an attack to get behind the application and into sensitive data.

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