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Last year saw the introduction of GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation. With 2019 having only just begun, not only are we starting to see the implications of the new regulation, the issue of cybersecurity is moving up the agendas of enterprises, politicians and people. Our new, regular roundup of cyber-related news provides and overview as well as food for thought. 

French data protection regulator fines Google over consent

Google is the latest company believed to be at fault of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and is facing a potential €50 million (£43.3 million) fine from the French regulator Commision Nationale de l’information et des Liberties (CNIL).

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Three senators could help bring cybersecurity to the fore in presidential race

With Senator Kamala D. Harris (left) joining the field of 2020 hopefuls, three out of three Democratic senators now running for president have pushed for major cyber policy reforms, from cracking down on election interference to stemming the flood of data breaches.

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Family says hacked Nest camera warned them of North Korean missile attack

Laura Lyons and her family were enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in Orinda, California, when a warning claiming to be from Civil Defense rang out from their living room, alerting the family of three ballistic missiles aimed at Los Angeles, Chicago and Ohio.

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robots-welding-in-factory-156642859_4069x2630For industrial robots, hacking risks are on the rise

In the future, industrial robots may create jobs, boost productivity and spur higher wages. But at present, one thing seems more certain: They are vulnerable to hackers…

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As US states lag on cyber training, agencies are fertile phishing grounds

Answering a seemingly routine HR email, workers in Utah typed in their credentials as requested.

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Japan and EU pave way for trade deal with “world’s largest” data area

On Wednesday, January 23, Japan and the European Union agreed to allow the free flow of data between their economies, paving the way for a free-trade deal that comes into effect next month.

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Lessons for corporate boardrooms from Yahoo‘s cybersecurity settlement

Shareholders haven’t been successful in holding companies accountable for data breaches.

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Over a third (37%) of organisations have been impacted by cryptomining over the past year – report.

A new report from Check Point Software Technologies shows 20% of companies globally continue to be hit by cryptomining attacks every week. One-third of companies were hit by mobile malware, while just 4% were attacked by ransomware in the past 12 months.

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When can the feds hack into your computer? Case involving scam targeting Wegmans could decide

When the FBI uncovered a scammer targeting US supermarket group Wegmans two years ago, agents hacked into the suspect’s computer in an effort to learn his identity.

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Marsh launches next-generation cyber self-assessment tool

Insurance broking and risk management giant Marsh has announced the launch of its next-generation online cyber self-assessment tool. The tool incorporates the latest insights on cybersecurity best practices to provide clients a robust cybersecurity program diagnostic and serve as a single application for cyber insurance, streamlining the procurement process.

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Datapac survey on “phishing scams” reveals scale of this cyber crime

In Ireland, around 14% of office workers – approximately 185,000 people – have fallen victim to phishing scams.

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