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CyNation was recently chosen to join the first cohort of Oracle’s Blockchain Chainlink Programme, joining 19 other companies across the world. This is an exciting development for our organisation as, in conjunction with Oracle, we look to expand our product offering.

Blockchain is a great opportunity, especially for supply chain solutions based on the cloud. We aim to create the first integrated risk exchange for the supply chain using Oracle blockchain and embedded into Oracle’s Supply Chain Management SaaS.

We are looking to engage with Oracle to further utilise applications such as smart contracts to manage risk across supply chain ecosystems, which will augment their current solution and provide their customers with added value and benefits.

CyNation and Oracle will be working collaboratively on this project, drawing upon CyNation’s innovation and expertise in integrated risk management and Oracle’s industry presence and existing technologies. We are looking forward to testing our enhanced product with early-adopting clients who will provide valuable feedback.

The project will begin in 2020. CyNation is honoured to be chosen from the many companies that applied for this programme internationally and we are excited to join Oracle on their journey to help their clients effectively and efficiently digitally transform their business. This partnership further cements CyNation’s positive relationship with industry leaders, including Oracle, and demonstrates the interest in our innovations.

CyNation’s CTO, Shadi A. Razak, commented, “Being one of just 20 companies to be admitted to the programme gives us the confidence to bring our ideas to this exciting scheme.”

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