Cynations Head of Cyber Security and Compliance was invited to speak about the Future of security in Fintech.

The Future of Security in Fintech

With Fintech rapidly changing the landscape of the financial industry, it is now vital for companies to protect their information and systems. Hacking and cyber threats are increasingly commonplace and companies are aware of the need to incorporate a robust security solution. Ensuring that products are encrypted and safe for consumers as well as companies is an important step that many financial service providers must take to protect themselves and their customers.


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Contributors include:

Luis Carranza, Founder, Fintech Security Summit

Shadi A. Razak, Director, Cyber Security and Compliance, CyNation

Chris Wallis, CEO & Co-Founder, Intruder

Stephen Dearing, Managing Director EMA, Ansarada

Kirsten Connell, Managing Director, CyLon (Cyber London)

Melvyn White, Enterprise Account Director, Webroot

Edan Yago, CEO, Epiphyte

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