The biggest cyber vulnerabilities could be hiding in plain sight1 min read


Security analysts and teams are key in highlighting, managing and mitigating cyber vulnerabilities and attacks. However, without consistent data across an organisation’s digital ecosystem, analysts may focus on less common and pressing vulnerabilities.

According to the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, cyber attacks known as Backdoors and Droppers account for 24% and 23% of malware reported by analysts, respectively. However, they are not as frequently encountered – together, they only account for about 10% of malware employed by hackers.

There are multiple reasons for this disparity in analysis. For example, analysts may be focused on specific targets, as oppose to the general security of a system. Or, they could be looking to investigate and find solutions for novel malware or have an explicit interest or remit in one area.

Of course, analysts are a fundamental asset in discovering flaws and subsequently patching them. However, it is also important for an organisation to implement a system which allows them to visualize and understand the wide variety of their risks. CyDesk, for example, gives users a constant view into their entire digital ecosystem and the different risks emanating from each third-party. Organisations can then quickly – or even automatically – execute a management strategy in line with business goals.

As business becomes increasingly digitised – a movement further intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic – reassessing your organisation’s digital landscape, analysis capabilities and response strategies will be essential. Not only will this protect your organisation, but it also could lead to the ability to streamline important processes – like threat analysis. Ultimately, the more aware your security team is about all kinds of malware and vulnerabilities, the better protected your business will be.

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