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Long before the era of Covid-19, digital transformation was revolutionising businesses across industries, paving the way for optimised processes and increased profitability. The pandemic certainly hasn’t hindered these developments – in fact, many changes were quickly rushed through last year as most businesses began working remotely. While this is a positive step, this year it’s worth revisiting and getting back on track with your organisation’s larger overall digital transformation plan.

Check in on past digital transformations. A good first step is to check in on previous digital enhancements you’ve made within your organisation. For example, your organisation’s switch to a high instance of remote working was probably done very quickly, so make sure that there aren’t any cybersecurity gaps or day-to-day issues. Or maybe you moved your data to the cloud over the past few years – check in and make sure that you are still happy with your provider and their compliance and security status. There’s no point in making new changes if the old ones are still faulty.

Make a priority list of the next digital upgrades you’d like to advance. Digital transformation initiatives can be tricky and can take a significant amount of time and organisation. Instead of trying to tackle it all at once, make a list of the changes you’d like to make in order of priority. This can also be helpful in bringing in the support of key stakeholders, who may be daunted by an overarching transformation plan.

Ensure your digital transformation initiatives aren’t weakening your security posture. While digital transformation can go a long way in increasing your organisation’s efficiency, increased reliance or interconnections on third parties or suppliers can also leave your organisation at risk of a cyberattack. Make sure to consistently check on third-party cybersecurity and compliance postures – digital risk management tools like CyDesk make this simple.

New digital initiatives don’t have to be overwhelming – but they should be done properly and thoughtfully. With a little planning, your organisation can soon reap the myriad of rewards of digital transformation.

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