Actionable Third Party Risk Intelligence

Security Scorecard is the most complete benchmarking platform for managing the volume and complexity of today’s security risks. So much of your data resides outside of your own network, so visibility is paramount to avoid costly impact. Our platform gives continuous visibility into the security-risk posture of any company. Type in a web address and receive a complete, instant security audit.


Assess Risk Quality & Accuracy Without the Need for Permission

We collect 30 million signals from the deep web and the Internet passively using security scorecard’s proprietary ThreatMarketTM intelligence engine. Security Scorecard’s self-service technology is continuous and non-intrusive, so you can obtain accurate information in real time, any time. No permission required.


Keep C-Suite Executives & Boards Aware & Informed

Update C-Level leaders and boards of directors with up-to-the minute security benchmarking and key performance metrics. Help prioritise security risk strategy, and justify future investments in weak performing areas.
A security rating without action is useless. View, benchmark, report, and collaborate directly from one, easy-to-use platform. Security categories and factors include: Web Application Security, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Social Engineering, Hacker Chatter, Patching Cadence, DNS Health, IP Reputation, Password Exposure, and Cubit ScoreTM.


Unique Value for Organisations with Extensive Supply Chains

CyNation’s Security Score Card is a powerful tool for organsations with extensive external supplier and vendor networks:

  • Get on-going visibility of your partners’ cyber security posture
  • Reduce the overall risk of security breaches from 3rd parties
  • Increase cyber security and compliance in your supplier and vendor network
  • Reduce audit costs and increase organisational effectiveness
  • Easy assessment of new suppliers during contractual due diligence
  • Reduce the financial, reputation and legal impacts of security event

Speed Up The Time To Remediate

Make faster, important security-risk decisions with guided steps to help remediate issues before they impact your organization.

Close the Loop on all Security Risk

Ensure your data is protected even when the data is not in your own network. Maintain your data protection standards across your internal and partner ecosystem. Invite partners and your supply chain to collaborate by sharing real-time Scorecards.

Reduce the Likelihood of a Future Breach

Customised alerts allow you to immediately know when changes to partner scores have occurred. Discover signs of increased risk and rapidly respond to issues proactively with predictive intelligence. Limit the damage to your company’s data and avoid theft of your intellectual property.

Show Evidence of Compliance to Auditors and Regulators

Map key controls from various compliance and questionnaire frameworks. Understand which issues may impact regulatory compliance controls. Discover the partners that may be out of compliance and provide corrective actions to remedy.

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