Intelligent & Automated Cyber Security Platform

CyEye™ is an intelligent and automated Cyber Security Defence Platform which can bring you cost savings of up to 15% as well as increasing effectiveness and efficiency by almost a quarter, as well as nearly doubling your security visibility.

The need for CyEye™ and automated security management

Digitisation has and will continue to transform the way in which we live our lives and conduct business. New technologies and their use cases are increasing the attack surface. Cyber security skills are scarce, making it hard to deal with existing and future challenges. The solutions landscape is diverse and adding further end point solutions to the information security canon will not do. We have to address information security in an altogether different manner by automating security management.

Automated Security Prediction and Prevention

This allows businesses and organisations to:

  • Proactively assess their cyber risk and exposure
  • Baseline current systems and predict future risks and attacks
  • Harden their system’s configuration and security measures
  • Divert attacks and analyse their behaviours
  • Manage the security operation and prevent incidents


Automated Security Detection and Remidiation

This allows businesses and organisations to:

  • Monitor and detect vulnerabilities and security events
  • Assess and analyse their business risk
  • Prioritise threats and vulnerabilities in line with their impact on the business environment
  • Respond to and remediate vulnerabilities and security events in line with established policies, standards and processes


Works across different platforms and infrastructures


All data is 256-bit AES encrypted and have application layer protection

User Friendly

Easy to implement and use


No need to install agents on each device

Intelligent Collectors

collect any data from any device in any network

Intelligent Correlation

Runs cross-data-type correlations

Dynamic Risk Assessment

On-going risk assessment of the business environment and infrastructure

Situation Awareness

Offers security operation analytics and reports

Customisable Visualisation

Create and edit dashboards and reports for different stakeholders

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