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A brand new article in Forbes suggests that, as we prepare to enter 2020, cyber security is at an inflection point. As it explains: “advances in AI and machine learning are accelerating its technological progress. Real-time data and analytics are making it possible to build stronger business cases, driving higher adoption. Cyber security spending has rarely been linked to increasing revenues or reducing costs, but that’s about to change in 2020.”

Based on the thoughts of several cyber security experts, the article identifies 10 trends for next year.

1. AI and machine learning will continue to enable asset management improvements that also deliver exponential gains in IT security by providing greater endpoint resiliency in 2020.
2. AI tools will continue to improve at drawing on data sets of wildly different types, allowing the “bigger picture” to be put together from, say, static configuration data, historic local logs, global threat landscapes, and contemporaneous event streams.
3. Threat actors will increase the use of AI to analyse defence mechanisms and simulate behavioural patterns to bypass security controls, leveraging analytics to and machine learning to hack into organisations.
4. Given the severe shortage of experienced security operations resources and the sheer volume of data that most organisations are trying to work through, we are likely to see organisations seeking out AI/ML capabilities to automate their security operations processes.
5. There’s going to be a greater need for adversarial machine learning to combat supply chain corruption in 2020.
6. Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in account takeover—both the proliferation and prevention of it.
7. Consumers will take greater control of their data sharing and privacy in 2020.
8. As cyber security threats evolve, we’ll fight AI with AI.
9. AI and machine learning will thwart compromised hardware finding its way into organisations’ supply chains.
10. Capgemini predicts 63% of organisations are planning to deploy AI in 2020 to improve cyber security, with the most popular application being network security.

For more information, click on the link to the full Forbes article.

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