Phishing Attacks on the Rise1 min read


Phishing attacks on the rise

In most cases employees are the weak link in the chain when it comes to a company’s cyber security. Cyber criminals are aware of this and are therefore targeting them with more and more Phishing attacks, not only an increase in attacks but also an increase in sophistication of attack. Some Phishing attacks have gotten so sophisticated that they have even been given a new name, Spear Phishing. They are getting so believable that they are fooling even the more skeptical of employees. They are becoming more personalised and better timed. For example there have been reported cases of employees getting emails that appear to be from their bosses and require urgent actions, e.g. payments, from their bosses when they are away on holiday or otherwise uncontactable.

“Phishing continues to be a highly effective attack vector that is increasingly responsible for a significant percentage of data breaches in the market today,” said Trevor Hawthorn, CTO of Wombat.  To limit risk to your business make sure your business has suitable and relevant training for your staff so they are aware of the many risks out there.

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