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If one of your new year’s resolutions is to move your organisation’s data or certain processes onto the cloud, you’re certainly not alone. With the increase in remote working and a heightened desire to streamline clunky business practices, it is not a bad time to consider how cloud services can make your day-to-day operations easier and better.

However, there are few things to consider before blindly moving everything onto the cloud. For example, it is important to choose a cloud provider that has strong cybersecurity measures and access controls in place.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few best practices to follow during your organisation’s cloud migration.

Outline what you want to move to the cloud. Though this may seem obvious, this step is the cornerstone of any cloud migration. If you don’t know what data or organisational processes you’d like to move to the cloud, any steps taken towards digital transformation may become disorganised and counterproductive. Have a clear plan of the elements you’d like to move to the cloud, as well as their order of priority.

Check if there are any cloud-native services for your process. For further efficiency, if there is a cloud provider that already effectively offers the service you’re looking to move onto the cloud. For example, if you’d like to store company data on the cloud, consider using a cloud database provider. This saves your organisation from having to manage and maintain a server or virtual machine.

Stick to basic security principles. No matter how you choose to do your cloud migration, make sure that you and your organisation are maintaining good cyber health. This includes implementing role-based access controls, so only relevant employees can access sensitive data, and ensuring that data put on the cloud isn’t made ‘world-readable’ and, therefore, public.

Cloud migrations can feel like a massive undertaking, but are a definite step towards organisational efficiency. Just make sure your organisation maintains its cybersecurity while moving to the Cloud.

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