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11/Oct/2019, Data and Cloud Expo is the top Dutch exhibition in the field of IT security, data management and cloud computing. The two-day event – which runs from October 30 to 31 – is aimed at IT managers and IT professionals. CyNation will of course be there: we are collaborating and sharing a stand with Compumatica, an independent Dutch cybersecurity manufacturer in the field on encryption and network security/segmentation.

This year’s event is expected to attract 150 exhibitors and more than 100 sessions, which will cover the latest developments and trends in cyber security, cloud computing, datacentre and infrastructure optimisation, data science and management, digital transformation, IT service management and control and privacy, governance and risk management. Jaarbeurs is one of the Netherlands’ largest and best-equipped exhibition centres.

With many of Europe’s CISOs and CIOs in attendance, will provide us with a great opportunity to introduce the Dutch market to our award-winning vendor risk management platform, CyDesk. We help CISOs and CIOs to navigate through the risks inherent in their digital ecosystems, vendors and third parties, and drive business growth. Our CTO, Shadi A. Razak will be attending and delighted to explain how to analyse and manage digital risks in four simple steps:

  1. Identify critical risks and shadow vendors within an organisation’s digital ecosystem
  2. Analyse the risk performance and business impact on an enterprise’s growth
  3. Provide actionable intelligence and recommendations to mitigate risks
  4. Manage business risk for assurance, compliance and resilience.

Between CyNation and Compumatica, we cover all of these steps. As our friends at Compumatica put it, “the collaboration between CyNation and Compumatica is about combining our values together and creating added value to our customers in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Europe.”

It should be a great event! Meet with CTO Shadi A. Razak and COO Daniela Menzky at Booth 01.B061.

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