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The landscape of retail has changed for good. The forces of digital media, social networks, interconnected devices, multi-channel shopping and rise of emerging payment technologies – all are forming a new, digital era that is irreversibly transforming the retailing industry.

Industry Challenges

  • Heavily targeted resulting in regular data breaches
  • Huge costs of digital transformation of legacy systems and business processes
  • Major 3rd party risk exposure through integrated supply chains (vendors and suppliers) and currently no visibility of that risk
  • Data heavy – massive amount of sensitive customer & consumer data
  • Enormous reputational risk with severe implications for the brand

How Does CyNation Help?

Third Party Risk Management

Our Security Scorecard cyber risk management and benchmarking tool gives you an in-depth view of the cyber health of your suppliers and partners while enabling you to stay updated on any changes in their cyber health status with the alert function.

Security Scorecard’s easy to use interface and clear dashboard gives you continuous and in-depth insights allowing you to carefully manage cyber risk in your supply chain. The platform also offers several API’s, enabling you to display the data in any internal or external dashboarding system.

To further monitor and protect your supply chain, you can require your vendors and partners to use Security Scorecard on their own supply chain thus further understanding and managing your risk.

Start managing your Third Party Risk with Security Scorecard which gives you instant visibility and insights into the security posture of any company or partner in organizations’ supply chain. It is the most complete benchmarking platform for managing the volume and complexity of today’s security risks. As much of an organisation’s data resides outside it’s own network, visibility is paramount to avoid costly impact.

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How Does CyNation Help?

GDPR Compliance

CyReg™GDPR: Are you and your supply chain complying with the new GDPR regulations? CyReg™GDPR is an automated compliance management tool for GDPR compliance.

CyReg™GDPR is an automated compliance management tool for GDPR compliance. The platform, provided as SaaS, assists the organisation through different stages of GDPR compliance, from rapid readiness assessment and gap analysis to defining an organisation specific action plan. Clear, online guidance, help and advice are offered throughout the process.

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