FMCG & Manufacturing

FMCG & Manufacturing are characterized by large and dispersed supply chains with suppliers constantly shifting to new lower cost locations. Data security is often overlooked and with electronics data interchange (EDI) becoming the new standard for document exchange and communication, this leaves the entire supply chain at risk of serious breaches.

  • Highly complex supply chains
  • High number of suppliers and highly dispersed
  • High reputation costs, particularly for FMCG
  • Prevalence of EDI creates higher risk of breach via third parties

How Does CyNation Help?

Integrated Risk Management

CyDesk, automates the processes involved in managing third-party risk and provides organisations with real-time visibility of the risk exposure from their supply chain and third parties. CyDesk combines cyber security, compliance and business risks like AML and KYB into one dashboard. The platform’s flexible design caters for other regulations and business risks to be added to meet client requirements. Organisations can upload their own assessments, invite their suppliers, and CyDesk scores the responses to rank suppliers accordingly.

CyDesk’s easy to use interface and clear dashboard gives you continuous and in-depth insights allowing you to carefully manage risk in your supply chain. The platform is also tech-neutral and can integrate with existing enterprise solutions.

To further monitor and protect your supply chain, you can require your vendors and partners to use CyDesk on their own supply chain thus further understanding and managing your risk.

CyDesk gives organisations ongoing, real-time visibility of risk-exposure from their supply-chain or third-party eco-systems. CyDesk enables actionable intelligence by auto-integrating cyber-security, compliance and other business risks to which organisations are exposed.

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