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Even though the quantum technology is still in its infancy state, we must start building awareness today. Here’s why.

Talal Rajab, Head of Programme, Cyber and National Security, techUK is greeting the guests and highlighting the role of the government in making UK the global leader in quantum computing technology.

Steve Berry, Executive Chairman at CyNation, is giving a welcome speech to the guests and is explaining why we need start raising awareness about quantum technology already today.

Overview of Quantum Technology Landscape

D-Wave Systems. Presentation by Dr. Colin P. Williams, Dr. Colin P. Williams, Director of Strategy & Business Development

D-Wave’s mission is to build systems that can help solve humanity’s most challenging problems.

QxBranch. Presentation by Paul Guthrie, Chief Strategy Officer

QxBranch is advanced data analytics and quantum software leader for finance, insurance, aerospace, and security customers worldwide.

Quantum Base. Presentation by Phillip Speed

Quantum Base provides simple, small, provably secure quantum security devices that can fit onto any surface or within any device.


Panel Discussion with leading Quantum Technology companies: D-Wave Systems, QxBranch, and Quantum Base.

The panel discusses the challenges associated with a commercialisation of a quantum computer; its use cases and the potential to bring a world-changing impact.

Quantum computing will help to develop very powerful AIs capable of breaking through some of today’s unsolvable problems very easily.

For the full summary of the panel discussion, read the article.

Panel Discussion: Is the World Ready for Quantum Technology? Benefits, Challenges, Applications

Panel participants

Andrew Lord, Head of Optics at BT

Kelly Richdale, VP Quantum Safe Security at ID Quantique

Prof. Keith Martin, Information Security, Royal Holloway, UoL

Richard Murray, Lead Technologist at Innovate UK

Shadi Razak, CTO at CyNation

Quantum technology is a technical reality and not a science fiction, and its certain uses are already revenue generating.

For the full overview of the key insights from the event discussions, follow the link.

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