GDPR Week in Review1 min read


CyNation, in collaboration with Digital Leaders, hosted a very successful GDPR Week.

The week included two seminars and two webinars having to do with helping people become GDPR compliant, ahead of the 25 May deadline. As GDPR remains a hot issue, many topics were debated, ranging from how best to embed cyber security and compliance practices into company culture to the difference between consent and legitimate interest, among many others.

The turnout was fantastic, and CyNation would like to thank all who attended.

For those who are still left with questions, we are always happy to chat with you about your cyber security and compliance needs. We will be holding other events about GDPR in the coming months; to be informed when these will occur, please check our events page or sign up for our newsletter.

Additionally, please try CyRegTMGDPR, which offers a Free Starter Plan, and gives you and initial indication of your GDPR readiness and a feeling for the platform. CyRegTMGDPR assists companies in an affordable way on their journey toward compliance.

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