Ensuring your cybersecurity is high – and burnout is low2 min read


Security teams work around the clock on a never-ending job. No matter how strong their organisation’s cybersecurity posture is, there are new threats emerging daily, each with varying levels of severity and quirks that can make them increasingly difficult to detect.

With all of these threats, cybersecurity can seem like an impossible task, especially when coupled with the related considerations that must be given to compliance and overall business continuity. Security teams not only carry the responsibility of protecting their organisation’s systems, but also securing the sensitive information of their clients and customers. Without the support from executives and budgets to effectively combat emerging concerns, security teams are left with difficult decisions that may negatively impact overall business strategy.

Therefore, both executives and security teams within an organisation should step back and re-evaluate their cyber strategy to ensure that it meets security and compliance requirements, serves the overall business strategy and is executed in the most efficient way possible. Organisations across different industries will have varying cyber and compliance needs – cybersecurity strategy will never be one-size-fits-all. Understanding the needs of the business will help teams to build a cybersecurity strategy that is not only strong, but complementary and relevant to those requirements.

Once this assessment has been carried out, security teams can then focus on finding the best way to realise a robust cybersecurity plan. Often, this includes creating regular schedules to pentest and patch vulnerabilities, as well as introducing consistent monitoring of security threats, if these are not already in place.

Furthermore, cybersecurity strategies can be enhanced by using tools that automate certain processes. This can save security teams a lot of time and hassle by removing some of the more routine work, and empower them to focus on other more complex and pressing risks and liabilities. CyDesk, for example, not only automatically executes routine security decision-making in the face of common risks, but gives real-time risk analysis of threats from an organisation’s entire digital footprint, alerting security teams when a complex, new threat appears.

Security teams work tirelessly to protect their organisation. Supporting their efforts will not only decrease the chances of devastating cyberattacks, but also shield your company from reputational consequences and business disruptions.

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