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We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to be part of the initial cohort for an exciting new blockchain project! Developed by Oracle for Startups, the project is a collaboration with Chainlink, which is a decentralised blockchain Oracle infrastructure, together with experts from Oracle Blockchain, LinkPool and Honeycomb.

This first cohort comprises 20 startups from around the world, with just six – including us – based in the UK.

As Oracle for Startups explains, the goal of the blockchain project is “to enable an ecosystem where startups can generate new revenue from smart contracts executed on the blockchain through the monetisation of APIs (application programming interfaces) hosted on the Oracle Cloud infrastructure and through the collaboration with Chainlink and API marketplace providers”.

According to a recent Gartner report, blockchain smart contracts can revolutionise data collection, sharing and usage, creating new data insights and providing companies with an early adopter advantage.

The Oracle for Startups team will work with us and with the other selected startups to launch Chainlink nodes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, integrating these with Oracle Blockchain Platform. As Oracle for Startups says: “we are hopeful for strong results that drive revenue generation and bold innovation for all”!

About Oracle for Startups

Oracle is delivering a new and unique acceleration programme that enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, for Oracle’s own customers and for Oracle itself. The programme starts with free cloud and expands to a rich collaboration, with opportunities for startups to engage with Oracle’s network of mentors, product experts and customers. Find out more via the link.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is secure-focused blockchain middleware that enables smart contracts on various networks to connect with critical resources and data needed for both on- and off-chain systems. Chainlink’s infrastructure will help provide reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs to complex smart contracts in any blockchain.

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