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Sadly, cyber breaches are now a regular occurrence, costing the global economy hundreds of billions of pounds annually. Governments are working alongside the cyber security industry to address the problem, but there remains a lack of consistency in terms of knowledge and a gap between the skills that exist and those needed. In an attempt to achieve consistency, close the skills gap and codify the state of play in cyber security, the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) has been developed.

A massive and truly comprehensive resource, CyBOK is now available online and for free. The CyBOK project is the result of almost three years’ work and has been funded by the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme and initiated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

At 854 pages, CyBOK encompasses the full breadth and depth of cyber security issues, including the part played by human agency in compromising and safeguarding systems, to the importance of hardware security and protecting critical national infrastructures from cyber attacks.

It comprises 19 “Knowledge Areas”: detailed documents written and edited by subject matter experts and academics that explore the strengths, weaknesses and implications of such key issues as:
• risk management and governance,
• law and regulations,
• privacy and online rights,
• malware and criminal behaviours,
• securing mobile and web technologies,
• large networked systems, software and hardware.

CyBOK is available now, in PDF form, via the link.

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