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As part of the UK Government’s current review of cybersecurity incentives and regulations, on November 4, Digital Minister Matt Warman launched a call for evidence to seek views from across the industry.

The review is looking at how the UK Government can help organisations protect themselves online. It aims to:

  • understand the barriers which prevent organisations from improving their cybersecurity;
  • understand the effectiveness of existing regulations and guidance including GDPR and NIS; and
  • develop a range of policy proposals to address any gaps.

As part of this, the call for evidence is seeking information and data on the barriers to taking action on cybersecurity, the information which would help organisations invest in cybersecurity, and what more organisations and Government could do to stimulate more effective cyber risk management.

Digital Minister Matt Warman said: “Good cybersecurity is an absolute necessity but recent research shows less than a fifth of company Boards understand the impact associated with cyber threat. I hope this review will encourage the industry to think about what government could do to help and what incentives might encourage firms and businesses to manage their cyber risk.

“By driving cybersecurity improvements across the whole economy we can help make the UK the safest place to live and do business online.

“We welcome input from all types of organisations in all sectors, especially organisations that influence and set market expectations, such as membership bodies, consultancies, auditors, insurers, investors, corporate and risk governance bodies, regulators and professional associations.”

The call for evidence is open until Friday, December 20, 2019. You can respond to it via the link.

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