Britain might have voted LEAVE but the threat of cyber crime will still REMAIN.2 min read


The UK voting to leave the EU in last Thursday’s referendum sent the pound crashing to a 31-year low, wiped billions off the stock market and it also lead to France overtaking the UK, therefore becoming the 5th largest economy in the world leaving the UK 6th.

With all of this to worry about businesses focus understandably might not be on cyber security but instead choosing to ready themselves for the inevitable changes ahead and for some companies more dependent on the EU just surviving might take precedence.

While businesses are distracted by the aftermath of the referendum cyber criminals will be rubbing their hands together in anticipation, after all business as usual for them.

The opportunities to exploit businesses is not only a real threat but it is ever increasing. This coupled with corporate pessimism over the state of the economy in the face of Brexit will mean that they will likely freeze if not cut back spending until they economy has settled down. As cyber security won’t be a priority for them cyber security budgets will likely be affected. So businesses will be fighting cyber crime with their back up against a wall.

It’s essential to continue investing in cyber defences to combat the growing cyber threat. This might be easier said than done but it doesn’t matter what line of business or what the size or location of your organisation is. Companies needs to make sure its cyber security posture can handle the potential daily onslaught of international cyber crime.

Here at Cynation we offer a range of products and services that will help improve your company’s security posture. The services we provide are made up of 3 parts:

  • Advisory
  • Implementation
  • Training

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We also have a range of products and solution to help with your company’s security posture :

  • Compliance Management
  • Internal Cyber Security Risk Monitoring
  • External Cyber Security Risk Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Secure Communication
  • Professional Training Solutions via Cyber Simulators

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