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Cloud services set to shape future telecommunications infrastructure

05 / 03 / 2021

CyNation’s CTO, Shadi A. Razak, recently spoke at techUK’s Monthly Cloud Webinar, highlighting the opportunities for telecommunications operators ...

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Security of health systems threatened by ransomware

26 / 02 / 2021

Healthcare services may be slowly increasing their digitalisation – a positive sign that will surely be a boon to patients and healthcare providers ...

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Securing the future of finance and banking

19 / 11 / 2020

Digital transformation is so pervasive across industries and sectors that even some of the most rigid institutions are trying to keep up with the bene...

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CyNation’s COO Shortlisted for Tech Trailblazers – Vote Now!

11 / 11 / 2020

CyNation is proud to announce that our COO, Daniela Menzky, has been shortlisted in Tech Trailblazers’ Female CXO Trailblazer category. She is one o...

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As the pandemic measures ease, don’t be caught out by cyber vulnerabilities

16 / 07 / 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended normal office life, leading to the majority of businesses sending their employees to work from home and resulting in...

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Maintaining your cybersecurity posture through the Covid-19 crisis

30 / 04 / 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has brought the security concerns of working from home into the limelight. No longer is remote working a concern for a few members...

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Looking forward: Information Security after Covid-19

23 / 04 / 2020

As the situation with the Covid-19 progresses, many businesses are starting to look forward as they adapt their current operations. Gaps in functional...

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Europol and Interpol to tackle Covid-19 related cybercrime increases

16 / 04 / 2020

As the Covid-19 situation develops, businesses, cities and entire countries have adapted their way of life and working. The majority of employees are ...

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Do you have your data governance in order?

30 / 03 / 2020

In our previous blogs, we’ve covered some common regulations businesses face, such as GDPR and AML. While it’s good to stay up-to-date with all of...

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