CyNation Features in Exponential

CyNation’s very own Natasha Ketabchi was interviewed by Exponential and provides a great boost in knowledge for everyone interested in the inescapable Cyber Security sector. Check out the article [...]

Retail in the GDPR World

Gone are the days when retailers could just collect customer emails in bulk to be used at later date for a purpose that hasn’t been identified yet. Why? The GDPR makes it very clear that those [...]

6 Steps to Recovery: Stop Crying!

We all think it’ll never happen to us until it does. What if you were the victim of a cyber attack? What would you do? Here are 6 steps that you can take to recover from an attack and make sure [...]

GDPR Aims, Benefits and Consequences

Why has the EU created a new Data protection Regulation? Why should I care? What are the advantages and disadvantages of compliance? There are many questions floating around about what the GDPR [...]

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