GDPR getting ever closer

In the next month or so, the Data Protection Bill will replace the current Data Protection Act and will also incorporate the GDPR into national UK law. It means that even after Britain leaves the [...]

CyNation Features in Exponential

CyNation’s very own Natasha Ketabchi was interviewed by Exponential and provides a great boost in knowledge for everyone interested in the inescapable Cyber Security sector. Check out the article [...]

Retail in the GDPR World

Gone are the days when retailers could just collect customer emails in bulk to be used at later date for a purpose that hasn’t been identified yet. Why? The GDPR makes it very clear that those [...]

6 Steps to Recovery: Stop Crying!

We all think it’ll never happen to us until it does. What if you were the victim of a cyber attack? What would you do? Here are 6 steps that you can take to recover from an attack and make sure [...]

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